Tuesday/Thursday Race Rides

Since 1990, local riders have participated in these informal “race rides.” These training rides are for perfecting pack riding skills and increasing fitness. In the spring, the rides start after daylight savings time begins.


Every Tuesday and Thursday. Start time is at 5:30 pm for the first and last month of daylight savings and 6:00 otherwise. For more information, subscribe to the “community” email list or check “Davis Area Group Rides” on Facebook.


Meet at the east side parking lot of the Mondavi Center Рon the corner of Old Davis Road and Mrak Hall Drive, on the UC Davis campus.


Warm-up part of the ride is in groups of eight riders riding two abreast. This is the social part of the ride when we get to know each other. The warm-up pace is 18 mph or less for about 8 miles. Then a series of three sprints over the next 30 miles. After each sprint there is a cool-down section where all riders can regroup. All riders are welcome, but when the sprint sections start, you must be comfortable with high-speed pack riding or content to ride “off-the-back”.

Ride Rules

  • Rides will neutralize in traffic situations
  • Ride leaders support “Share The Road.” Riders will yield to cars and politely wave them by when safe to pass our groups rides.
  • No tri-(aero) handlebars allowed.
  • No aggressive or squirrely bike handling allowed.

For more information, contact Alan Rowland.