Financial Support

The DBC Race Team has a generous race-reimbursement policy with the goal of making the sport a bit more affordable. Reimbursement requests for entry fees, uniforms, clinics, etc. are filed once per year in October. Note that the team requires some volunteer work at DBC-sponsored races in order to qualify for reimbursement.

Reimbursements are calculated and paid once per year. The reimbursement period covers races done between 1 October and 30 September the following year. Reimbursement forms may be submitted anytime in October.

Follow these 3 easy steps to be reimbursed for your racing activities:

  1. Read the Reimbursement Policy.
  2. Download and fill out a reimbursement form – carefully and completely – with your race information. You only need one form for entry fees and uniform reimbursement.
    1. Excel spreadsheet reimbursement form
      (If you do not have Excel, you can download LibreOffice – it’s very similar to Microsoft Office and free!)
    2. PDF form reimbursement form.
      (Handwritten forms require much extra work because we have to enter all your information ourselves, but as a last resort, you may download the PDF form and mail it to the Race Team Treasurer – see below.)
  3. Get your completed reimbursement form to Race Team Treasurer by:
    1. Sending it to the Race Team Treasurer as an e-mail attachment (strongly encouraged!)
    2. Contact the Race Team Treasurer for instructions on how to send a hard copy via U.S. Mail.

Note: for reimbursements other than race-entry fees, team clothing, or race clinics, you will need to fill out the generic DBC Reimbursement Form.