Email Lists

The DBC Racing Team hosts two types of e-mail lists — Community and Private. The Community List is open to the public, but you must be subscribed in order to post a message. The Private lists are open only to people currenty racing with DBC Race Team.

How to join the email lists

The DBC Racing Team hosts two types of e-mail lists — Community and Private. The Community List is open to the public, but you must be subscribed in order to post a message. The Private lists are open only to people currently racing with DBC Race Team.

Community List

The Community List is open to the public (you must be subscribed in order to post a message). To join, click on the link below, or contact the Community List coordinator:

  • Community (Coordinator — John Steggall)

Private Lists

All email lists other than the Community list are private. To join one, you must:

  1. Be a DBC member and be racing for DBC this season (see Join the Team for requirements). List subscriptions must be approved by the list coordinator.
  2. If you recently joined DBC (it may take up to four weeks for your application to be processed), send a message to the webmaster and let him know when you submitted your DBC membership form and fee.
  3. Also, let the webmaster know which mailing lists you’d like to be on.
  • Elite1-2 (Coordinator — Jeff Buscheck)
  • Juniors (Coordinators — Ross Kelly)
  • Masters 45+ (Coordinators Greg Chapla)
  • Team (Coordinator — Atac Tuli)
  • Womens (Coordinator — Marianne Hernandez)

Email List Etiquette

The DBC Race Team lists can be very active. It is important that everyone understand follow these basic rules of usage to keep the lists as useful as possible.

Do not cross-post

When you join the race team, you will be subscribed to the Team and Community lists automatically. Thus, both the Team and Community lists include everyone racing for DBC. The Community list is different from the Team list because it is the only list that is open to the public — anyone may subscribe. The Community list is for general discussion of bike racing, while the Team list is typically used for team business. The other private lists are for discussions specific to particular race categories and teams.

The Community list is a superset of all other lists and will reach the most people. It is the best place to advertise your bike parts, solicit ride partners, etc. The Team list is a superset of all other DBC member lists (i.e., masters, juniors, women, and all other categories). Unless you want people to receive multiple copies of your message, there is no reason to send things to both team and masters, team and juniors, or community and team. Please, do not cross-post!

Do not use lists to mass-invite to your social network

Please do not use the race team email lists to invite people to join your social network, e.g., LinkedIn. Messages sent from non-subscribed addresses will be rejected by the server.

Configure Your Email Program

When configuring your e-mail software on your computer (Outlook, Eudora, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.), or your webmail account (Yahoo, G-mail, etc.), please observe the following conventions:

  1. Configure your mail program to send and receive “plain-text” email. There are many good reasons for this. Check out the this link for more info on configuring mail programs to send plain text messages.
  2. Configure your mail program so that your full name is associated with your address. Typically, this will be done in Preferences or Account setup.
  3. Use a signature — create a short (2 or 3 lines) signature which will be appended to your messages. Include basic contact info, at least your full name.

Format Your Message Properly

  1. Use a descriptive subject line
  2. If you are replying to an email list post, edit the recipient lists (the To: and CC: lists) to remove all addresses other than than the email list. Doing so will ensure that people who are subscribed to the list do not receive multiple copies of your message.
  3. Do not type in ALL CAPS or all lower case.
  4. Avoid sending attachments unless absolutely necessary
  5. Double-space between text paragraphs — do not indent

Sending pictures to email lists

The photo files coming out of your camera are good for printing (very high resolution)  but are horrible (for many reasons) to send to large numbers of people on email lists.

Tips and Guidelines for Photos

  • Almost any image program will allow you to shrink the file down. You should be able to get a picture file down around 50 KB and have it look good on the computer screen. Experiment with the settings and then check the new file size.
  • You should be able to set the picture resolution to 72 dpi (dots per inch) and the dimnsion of the longes side of the picture should be no larger than 640 pixels.
  • Make sure you use “Save As” so that you do not shrink the original picture.
  • A New York Times’ tech Q&A has some tips on how to shrink photos.

Platform specific instructions


If you’re a Linux user, you already know how to do this 😉 Seriously, some options include the GIMP(GPL), commercial offerings, e.g., Lightzone (free) and RAW photo processing — Raw Therapee(GPL). Here’s a nice tutorial.


iPhoto — select the photo and click the e-mail icon at the bottom of the window; a box will pop up asking if you’d like to shrink the image for e-mailing.

Apple mail — in a new message window, click the “Attach” button to add a photo file, or drag a photo file icon (from the Finder) to the message window. At the bottom of the message window, it shows how large the messgae will be. You can adjust the size using the “Image Size” menu at the lower right side of the message window.

If you spend a lot of time working with photos, want a powerful graphics program, but can’t afford to buy Photoshop, check out Graphic Converter.


(Please note: The DBC Race Team webmaster does not have Windows to test the following instructions. If you have a better solution or suggestions, please let him know.)

  • Right click on an image file and select “edit”
  • This will open the file in the MS Paint program
  • “Image” menu -> select “Stretch/Skew”
  • Choose (equal) horizontal & vertical percents (try at least 50%)
  • “File” menu -> select “Save as”
  • Now, locate the newly saved file and check the size (right click and choose “Properties”). If the file size is < 200 KB, you’re set. If not, retrace the above steps and try larger percentages.
  • There are many free or inexpensive image editing programs. You might start with Microsoft’s “Image Resizer,” available here, or try Portable GIMP (free) or Picasa photo-managementprogram (free).
  • There are also some online image editors, such as JPEG-wizard and Phixz.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Why didn’t my message get posted to the [whichever] list?

A1: The most common reason is because you sent the message from an account which is not subscribed to the list. If you get a message that your attachment is too big, try reducing the size of it (see next question) or write the webmaster for a possible exemption. The software will block posts where the list is bcc’ed (blind carbon copied) or there are too many recipients (spam filters). Simply resend the message to the list as a regular recipient.

Q2: Is it possible to send photos (etc.) to a mailing list?

A2:  Yes, but if you have more than one or two pictures, it is best to load them into the race team gallery or your own. If you’d like to send a picture (or any file) to a mailing list, you must make sure that the total file size is less than 200 KB. It’s really not that hard, just follow this easy guide to learn how.

Q3: How can I review old messages for a list?

A3: All messages for each list are archived. Click on the appropriate list link and then the “archives” link on the next web page. You will be prompted for your password. If you don’t remember your password, the system will send it to you. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page and type your email address into the box next to the “Unsubscribe or edit options” button; on the next page, click the “Remind” button. Your password will be sent to your email account.)

Q4: How can I find out who is subscribed to a particular mailing list?

A4: If you are subscribed to an email list, it’s easy to see who else is on the list. Click on the team link and then the “Visit Subscriber List” link on the next page. If you don’t remember your password, follow the directions in the previous answer. Subscriber lists are only available to list members.

Q5: I get too many messages from DBC email lists!

A5: Set your account to receive messages in the “digest” mode. In digest mode, messages are accumulated and sent as one long message with a table of contents at the top. You can scan the subject lines and decide what is worth reading. See A3 above on how to access your account to change subscription options.

Make sure you also read about email list etiquette. Please direct any questions or comments about these lists to Webmaster.