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Team Uniform FAQs

Q: Should I purchase a race cut or a club cut jersey?

A: The material and quality of workmanship are identical between the two options. The only difference is that the club cut is roomier across the chest and arms.

Q. Full zip or hidden 3/4 hidden zip jersey?

A: The two main differences between the full zip and 3/4 hidden zip jersey are appearance and ease of entry/exit. You can see the entire zipper on the full zip jerseys, With the 3/4 hidden zip jersey, the zipper is sewn inside the jersey, so when it’s closed you don’t see that white line – hence the use of the term, ‘hidden’ - and none of the graphics or color panels are interrupted. Some people are okay with splitting the graphics, others like the unblemished look. Regarding ease of entry/exit, the full zip jersey comes on and off just like a jacket or button-down shirt – easy peasy. You gotta pull the 3/4 zip jersey over your head like a t-shirt to get it off, which can be a major pain when you’re wearing bibs, your jersey pockets are full, you’re crammed into a port-a-potty, and really need to go. Right. Now.

Q: Bibshorts or shorts?

A: This is a personal preference thing. People who wear bibs say they love them and people who wear shorts either hate bibs or have never tried them. The lack of waistband and suspenders make bibs very comfortable, but can also make you feel hotter (as in temperature). Also, having the bib compress your middle and slim down the belly chub a bit is a nice bonus. Voler redesigned the waistband of their shorts for 2010, so it’s less noticeable. If you’ve never tried bibs, now might be your chance. It’s almost impossible to get bibs of this quality at this price. Based on ordering patterns, guys overwhelmingly ordered more bibs than shorts. Women showed the opposite trend, ordering more shorts than bibs, but not by as large a margin. If you go for the bibs, your life will be a heckuva lot easier if you also go with the full zip jersey. Do it. You’ll thank me later.

Q: What’s the difference between the Triton and Forza HC bottoms?

A: Triton is the standard Voler fabric From Voler about the Forza HC upgraded fabric: Welcome to a new era in Voler fabric technology; Forza HC (High Compression) is here. This family of fabrics is milled in Italy from superior materials, including tightly knit fine yarns, increased lycra content, and surface dimpling for visual appeal. This combination makes for a texturally interesting fabric that is highly durable, visually opaque, and provides greater compression for increased performance and sustainable fit. Forza HC is available in all bottoms and skinsuits and we continue to offer five bottom inset color options: black, navy, royal, red and white.

Q: What’s the difference between the different chamois offered?

A: From Voler about the pads: Developed to be the ultimate in comfort during all riding conditions, we introduce the Estrella LD pad. This pad was designed to offer extreme comfort and performance by eliminating unnecessary grooves and foam density transitions. Its 3D sculpted surface is a seamless landscape that provides support where you need it and minimizes abrasion causing edges, logos and molding. Too many pads are just molded to look cool. You know better, deep valleys, excessive molding, and inconsistent pad thicknesses can lead to hot spots, abrasion and moisture retention. We used cutting edge technology to create men’s and women’s specific Estrella LD pads. The process starts with the supportive, higher density, closed cell foam being sculpted away from areas where you need less thickness. This reveals lower density comfort foam at the outer edges and where you don’t need that thickness. This all makes for a much smoother, more anatomical pad that allows for the perfect thickness in pressure zones without annoying transitions and molding. Estrella LD pads have gender specific geometries and are available in a 14” men’s length and a 12” women’s version.