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Expectations for DBC racers


The Davis Bike Club has a long history of representing a diversity of cyclists, including a racing team. Although the numbers of racers are a relatively small percentage of the total DBC membership, the team enjoys a remarkable portion of the club's budget. The team budget provides support for entry level racers all the way to an elite squad which participates in USCF National Racing Calendar (NRC) races. The team places special emphasis on rider development, particularly with its juniors team.

Racing for the Davis Bike Club has many benefits but also carries responsibilities. The benefits are obvious — financial and logistical support to race. The Club has high expectations for DBC racers. While cycling, DBC racers represent the club and the team's sponsors and must maintain a high level of self control, respecting other cyclists, motorists, pedestrians, and traffic laws. Good sportsmanship and respect of race officials are absolutely essential. Racers must sign the DBC Code of Conduct before being issued the team uniform.

Additionally, DBC is a community-based club and sponsors many cycling events, all of which require significant volunteer efforts. Indeed, proceeds from two of DBC's non-racing events — the Double Century and Foxy's Fall Century – provide for much of the race team's budget. It is only fair that the race team provide substantial volunteer support for DBC events. All DBC racers are expected to volunteer a minimum of eight hours per season at club events.

DBC racers' first priority is to volunteer at DBC events: While it is permissible to occasionally ride DBC's century and double century events, DBC racers will register and pay for them as regular riders and may not use them as informal races. DBC Race Team members riding in DBC events represent the club and shall behave in an exemplary fashion.


Disciplinary Policy

All riders must obey all rules and regulations as published in the United States Cycling Federation (USCF) Road and Track Rulebook. The Rulebook may be downloaded from the USAC here. The rulebook also includes sections on mountain bike and cyclocross racing.

All riders must behave in a manner appropriate to DBC and team sponsors they represent. Appropriate sportsmanship is required at all times (before, during and after an event or training ride). DBC will honor any disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspensions taken against any rider by USAC, NCNCA, or NORBA.

Riders violating these Rules and Regulations will be subject to disciplinary action, including suspension or termination. The DBC Race Team Committee will review cases and advise the DBC Board of Directors who will make final decisions on disciplinary action. Actions may include reduction in race reimbursements, community service, suspension from the team, and/or recommendation to USAC/NCNCA/NORBA for general suspension.