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Email List Etiquette

The DBC Race Team lists can be very active. It is important that everyone understand follow these basic rules of usage to keep the lists as useful as possible.

Do not cross-post

When you join the race team, you will be subscribed to the Team and Community lists automatically. Thus, both the Team and Community lists include everyone racing for DBC. The Community list is different from the Team list because it is the only list that is open to the public — anyone may subscribe. The Community list is for general discussion of bike racing, while the Team list is typically used for team business. The other private lists are for discussions specific to particular race categories and teams.

The Community list is a superset of all other lists and will reach the most people. It is the best place to advertise your bike parts, solicit ride partners, etc. The Team list is a superset of all other DBC member lists (i.e., masters, juniors, women, and all other categories). Unless you want people to receive multiple copies of your message, there is no reason to send things to both team and masters, team and juniors, or community and team. Please, do not cross-post!

Do not use lists to mass-invite to your social network

Please do not use the race team email lists to invite people to join your social network, e.g., LinkeIn. Messages sent from non-subscribed addresses will be rejected by the server.

Configure Your Email Program

When configuring your e-mail software on your computer (Outlook, Eudora, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.), or your webmail account (Yahoo, G-mail, etc.), please observe the following conventions:

  1. Configure your mail program to send and receive "plain-text" email. There are many good reasons for this. Check out the this link for more info on configuring mail programs to send plain text messages.
  2. Configure your mail program so that your full name is associated with your address. Typically, this will be done in Preferences or Account setup.
  3. Use a signature -- create a short (2 or 3 lines) signature which will be appended to your messages. Include basic contact info, at least your full name.

Format Your Message Properly

  1. Use a descriptive subject line
  2. If you are replying to an email list post, edit the recipient lists (the To: and CC: lists) to remove all addresses other than than the email list. Doing so will ensure that people who are subscribed to the list do not receive multiple copies of your message.
  3. Do not type in ALL CAPS or all lower case.
  4. Avoid sending attachments unless absolutely necessary
  5. Double-space between text paragraphs -- do not indent