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About the Team

The Davis Bike Club Race Team is part of the Davis Bike Club (DBC). DBC is a non-profit organization incorporated in 1979. The club has about 500 general members who participate in practically every type of cycling, including social riding, touring, ultra-distance, and racing. DBC (including the Race Team) is a community-based club and is open to anyone. You can learn more about DBC membership here.

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Board of Directors

Contact information for the DBC Race Team board of directors.

Financial Support

Learn about the DBC Race Team's reimbursement policy, which is in place to make the sport a bit more affordable.


Read race reports and other news in the team newsletter.

Team meetings

Detais about DBC Race Team meetings, held (about) every other month.

Email Lists

The DBC Race Team hosts two types of e-mail lists — community and private. Join the lists most appropriate for you and understand list etiquette and expectations.


DBC racers must wear current team uniforms when racing. More info here about uniforms and clothing and how to order.

Expectations for DBC Racers, Disciplinary Policy, and Code of Conduct

Racing for the the DBC has many benefits but also carries responsibilities. Read more about Team Expectations, Disciplinary Actions, and our Code of Conduct.

DBC Races and Results

DBC hosts three races every year, the Fourth of July Criterium and the Steve Dunlap Memorial Time Trial, and the Winters Criterium. 

How to Join?

Please see the Join the Team page for more information about the DBC Race Team.